Project:65 is a 6502-based 8-bit microcomputer. For phase one of the project, I built the computer on a breadboard and communicated with it over a serial line. Project:65 is able to download and run programs, including the EhBASIC interpreter for the BASIC language.

Serial Port Redux

In which we attempt to rebuild the MAX3100 serial port driver with interrupts, buffers, and proper flow control.

Retrochallenge 2013

For my first-ever entry into the Retrochallenge, I’m going to try adding permanent storage (an SD card hooked up to an ATmega microcontroller) to the computer, and write some operating system support for device drivers and a file table.  I’ll be indexing all the Retrochallenge-related posts in this section.

The Project:65 computer.

The Project:65 computer.

Phase 1 Posts:


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