Retrochallenge 2017 04

For the first Retrochallenge of 2017 I’m picking up right where I left off at the end of October. For that project, I started work on an RPG game engine for the Commodore 64, and got a lot of work done on building maps & moving around on them, including a little bit of support for objects and NPCs on the map.

This time around, I’m going to start by looking at how to do a conversation engine. I’m aiming for something similar to Ultima IV, where the user can type in keywords, answer questions, and give or receive inventory items. That should keep me quite busy, but if I have time after that I’d like to at least start on a combat system.

Just like before, I’ll be using C for at least the first draft of the code, and maybe dig into 6502 assembly if I find someplace it’s really needed.

I’ll keep an index of all the blog entries for this project right here:

Conversation Example 1

Shakespeare it ain’t.


Second draft of the shopkeeper interface for buying things.