2 comments on “Project:65 EEPROM Programmer, Part 2

  1. What timing! I have an old eprom on a breadboard that I have been able to read and am now getting ready to write a burn routine. Your code will help me on this. On my floppy drive emulator (http://diskwiz.wordpress.com/sio2microsd), I ran out of memory as well. It drove me nuts. When using long display strings, this happens. Here is a way to use your program memory instead of ram:

    static const uint8_t fnfstr[17] __attribute__ ((progmem)) = ” File Not Found “; //using program mem
    serial.print(pgm_read_byte(fnfstr)); //printing from the program memory instead of string in ram

    That is basically how I did it. After learning this I was able to add all sorts of things to my program. I think I still have a few bytes left too. 🙂

    My code is in the older Arduino ide 0022 and I am currently updating my code, so you may have to tweak.

    Hope this helps!

    • Hey, thanks for the tip. I’ve got some ideas for future projects using the Arduino & the ethernet shield, so I’m probably going to have a chance to try this out before too long!

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