2 comments on “Project:65 EEPROM Programmer, Part 1

  1. Since you already have an Arduino which you can download data to via the tcpip port, why don’t you ‘simply’ interface a shared RAM between your Arduino and the 65c02 ?

    Download your 65c02 cpu code to the ram through the Arduino, then have the Arduino trigger the 65c02 reset procedure to read the ram as if it were rom?

    • That’s not a bad idea. I started out this way because having two separate circuits felt like the absolute simplest thing to try first, and also because I like the idea of being able to operate without any external microcontrollers attached.

      I might revisit the idea once I get the RAM and some IO in place. At that point I’ll need to spend more time with the software, and it’ll be good to be able to rapidly iterate.

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